Album nr. 3 coming up!

The final pieces for my third album are coming together, after months of recording and mixing…. I started the recording process back in the Autumn of 2017 and am almost done with the mix of the album now, before it will be sent to mastering in a few weeks. I just can’t wait to share this record with all of you guys!! More details to come, so stay tuned! 

Live shows announced for 2017

We are very happy to announce that Sylvaine will be playing several shows in Europe next year! Stay tuned for updated information, ticket links and more news. 

Announced dates: 
15.03 – Moscow, Russia – Les Club
16.03 – St. Petersburg, Russia – Zoccolo 2.0 Club
17. 03 – Kiev. Ukraine – MonteRay Live Stage
31.03 – Athens, Greece – Death Disco
03.06 – Leipzig, Germany – Wave Gotik Treffen 2017
01.07 – Detmold, Germany – Owls’n’ Bats Festival 2017

“Wistful” in the Press

Here are some of the reviews/interviews/features that “Wistful” was a part of after it’s release.

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Online reviews:
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Metal Kaoz (US) – 10/10
Mystic webzine (CZE) – 9,5/10
Femme Metal Webzine – 91/100
Metal1 (DE) – 9/10
Dead Rhetoric (US) – 9/10
Metal Temple (GR) – 9/10
The Dreaming Metal Muse (US) – 9/10
Infernal Masquerade (US) – 90/100
Felvidéki Rockmagazin (HU) – 9/10
BDP Metal – 90/100 
Metal Impact (FR) – 4,5/5
All the Time I Was Listening To My Own Wall Of Sound – 8,5/10
Sputnik Music (US) – 4/5
Angry Metal Guy (US) – 4/5
Heavy Blog Is Heavy (US)- 4/5
Music Waves (FR) – 4/5
Metalfan (NL) – 82/100
Dies Irae (JP) – 82/100
Lords Of Metal (NL) – 81/100
Silence Magazin (DE) – 8/10
Ave Noctum (UK ) – 8/10
Queens Of Steel (ES) – 8/10
Metal Bite – 8/10
Power Metal (DE) 7,5/10
Metal Zone (GR) – 75/100
Schwermetall (DE) – 10/13
The Intermission (RO) – 7/10
Les Fleurs De Mal webzine (IT) – 7/10
Foto Conciertos (ES) – 70/100
Metalhead (IT) – 7/10
Markus’ Heavy Music Blog (DE) – 7/10
Metal Head (IT) – 7/10
Thrashocore (FR) – 7/10
Team Rock/Metal Hammer (UK) – 3,5/5
Metal Hammer (DE) – 4/7
About Entertainment -3,5/5
Neoprog (FR) – 3,5/5
La Grosse Radio (FR) – 6,5/10
Metal Norge (NO) – 6,5/10
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New album “Wistful” out now!

The day has finally come to officially release my baby out into the world…. “Wistful” is an album that holds extremely personal moments to me, conveying a heighten state of alienation, frustration and resignation, partially as a result of loosing contact with the known while big changes were occurring in my life during 2014/2015. The album showcases a more focused expression, with songs that all relate to one another in a more natural way than on my first album “Silent Chamber, Noisy Heart”, getting me closer to what I imagined to be the sound of Sylvaine when I started the project.

“Wistful” is now available for streaming thru all your regular services, as well as HERE and HERE.
Get your merchandise, Digipack or Vinyl edition of “Wistful” HERE and HERE and HERE.

Full album premiere of “Wistful” streaming now!

It’s hard to believe that we’re almost there…. Next Friday the day has finally come to release my second album “Wistful” into the world, and to say I’m a bit anxious and excited to let my baby go would be a huge understatement! If you want a sneak listen to the full album, check out the streams of one of the links bellow. 1 week to go! Pre-order the album HERE , HERE or HERE.

Invisible Oranges (US) – Including an exclusive album breakdown
Subterranea Mag (UK)
Metal Hammer (DE)
Friedhof Magazine (ES)
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Kaaoszine (FI)
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Andfari (IS)
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Sorrow Eternal (US)

Final premiere, “Delusions”, from upcoming album out now!

The third and final premiere from the forthcoming album by Sylvaine has been released! “Delusions” is the forth song to be revealed off the new album, which is entitled “Wistful”. “Wistful” will be released on the 13th of May thru Season Of Mist. The album is available for pre-order in digital, CD, digipack and vinyl format- All merch, including t-shirts, are available thru following links: (International shop) (North American shop)

Check out “Delusions” here:
The Obelisk (US)

No Clean Singing (US)

Slam (AT),13584,39988.html

Pitchline (ES)

Radio Metal (FR)

Andfari (IS)

Rock Hard Italy (IS)

Ultraje (PT)…/

Antichrist Magazine (UA):

Shoot Me Again Magazine (FR)

Fotoconciertos (ES)

Les Fleurs Du Mal WebZine
Roooar Violent Zine

Metal Underground

Scholomance Webzine

VS webzine

The Age Of Metal

Les Fleurs Du Mal WebZine


Third track “Saudade” from new album “Wistful” streaming now!

The second premiere from the forthcoming album by Sylvaine has been released! “Saudade” is the third song to be revealed off the new album, which is entitled “Wistful”. “Wistful” will be released on the 13th of May thru Season Of Mist. Available for pre-order HERE or HERE.

Check out “Saudade” here:

PopMatters (US):…/sylvaine-saudade-audio-premiere/ (DE)…/64012-metalde-praesentiert-premiere-des-neu…/

Obsküre (FR)…/artic…/sylvaine-saudade-avant-premiere/

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Kronos Mortus (HU)

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Metalitalia (IT)…/sylvaine-ascolta-saudade-in-antep…/

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Neoprog (FR)

VS- Webzine (FR)

The Age of Metal

Global Metal Apocalypse

First previews from upcoming album “Wistful” available!

The first premiers from the forthcoming album by Sylvaine has been released! “A Ghost Trapped In Limbo” and “Earthbound” are the first tracks to be revealed off the new album, which is entitled “Wistful”. “Wistful” will be released on the 13th of May thru Season Of Mist. Available for preorder HERE or HERE.

Check out the new tracks here:

Stereogum (US) –  – EXCLUSIVE preview of the track “Earthbound”

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Sorrow Eternal (US)  –

Foto Conciertos (ES) –

Kaaoz zine (FI) –

Orbis Metallum (CZ) –


Sylvaine signs record deal with Season of Mist

FINALLY I can share this wonderful news I have been keeping secret since late summer with you all!! It is with utmost pleasure that I can finally announce to have signed a deal with Season of Mist for my upcoming releases! I am very proud, thankful and honored to be taken in by one of the most respected metal labels out there, especially so early in my career. Season of Mist is a label known for its passion and innovative sense, that I feel to understand my artistic vision. I am certain they will allow me to evolve and grow in my art, while creating a good environment for me to continue to do what I love most in life. I am very optimistic about this collaboration and am excited to see what the future holds for Sylvaine!

Screen shot 2015-10-14 at 9.01.10 PM

Check out their statement regarding the signing here.
Other media:

Recording of the 2nd album and new live band

Half of the year 2015 has already passed, as summer is just getting started here in Europe (or at least in the Nordic region). So far, 2015 has been a very busy year in the Sylvaine camp. During the first months of 2015, I finished writing the upcoming second album. I had already recorded 4 songs for this album at the end of 2014 and would finish up the rest of the recording during the spring of 2015. About a month ago I entered Drudenhaus Studios to record the remaining 3 songs for the album together with engineer Benoît Roux. The recording was very successful and I am super happy with the results we got! Stéphane “Neige” Paut from the French band Alcest joined me in the studio and did an excellent job laying down the drum tracks for those songs. I still have some work to do during the summer, but the recording is slowly coming to an end! The album will be mixed and mastered during autumn this year, but no release date is set yet.

At the same time that I was finalizing my second album, I also started rehearsing with the new live band. It has been very exciting to finally play this music with a full band and I am very happy with the progress we are making! We just can’t wait to get out there and play for all of you, and hopefully that will be reality during autumn/winter of 2015 or from the beginning of 2016. In the near future, I will be presenting the members of the live band. 

In other words; it’s been a busy six months, with a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes. More exciting plans are being made for the future, so stay tuned for more info on the upcoming album, concerts and more!