First previews from upcoming album “Wistful” available!

The first premiers from the forthcoming album by Sylvaine has been released! “A Ghost Trapped In Limbo” and “Earthbound” are the first tracks to be revealed off the new album, which is entitled “Wistful”. “Wistful” will be released on the 13th of May thru Season Of Mist. Available for preorder HERE or HERE.

Check out the new tracks here:

Stereogum (US) –  – EXCLUSIVE preview of the track “Earthbound”

Terrorizer (UK) –

Metal Hammer (DE) –

Friedhof Magazine (ES) –

La Grosse Radio (FR) –

Rock Overdose (GR) –

Lángoló Gitárok (HU) –

Metal Wani (IN) –

Andfari (IS) –

Rock Hard (IT) –

Never Mind The Hype (NL) –

Metal Hammer (NO) –

Ultraje (PT) –

Antichrist Magazine (UA) –

Shoot Me Again (FR) –

Roooar ViolentZone(UK) – 

Sorrow Eternal (US)  –

Foto Conciertos (ES) –

Kaaoz zine (FI) –

Orbis Metallum (CZ) –