Nova European tour 2022

We can’t wait for December to roll around, so we can share “Nova” with you guys on stage all thru Europe, on our first ever headlining tour! With special guests FVNERALS by our side, we promise each evening will be a special one to remember! Tickets for all events can be found und er the “tour” section of this web page!

07.12.2022 – Oslo (NO) – Krøsset
08.12.2022 – Stockholm (SE) – Hus7
09.12.2022 – Copenhagen (DK) – Beta
10.12.2022 – Berlin (DE) – DEMD Festival
11.12.2022 – Leipzig (DE) – Moritzbastei
12.12.2022 – Brno (CZ) – Melodka
13.12.2022 – Vienna (AT) – Arena
14.12.2022 – Nürnberg (DE) – Z Bau – Galerie
15.12.2022 – Zurich (CH) – Dynamo Werk 21
16.12.2022 – Lyon (FR) – CCO
17.12.2022 – Brussel (BE) – JeugdKlub Paddestoel
18.12.2022 – Eindhoven (NL) – Dynamo

Poster by my beloved Førtifem
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Zeal & Ardor North American Tour 2022

North America; are you ready for 1 more round in 2022?? We are so excited to announce that we’ll be coming back to USA and Canada again in September/October, together with the great Zeal & Ardor and IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT. From never having played this area before, to having 2 full tours this year, together with so many cools bands feels extremely surreal to us… We are grateful and hope to see you guys on the road this fall 🇺🇸🇨🇦
Find the ticket links to each event in the “tour” section of this web page!

2022/09/11 – BROOKLYN, NY / WARSAW
2022/09/15 – MONTREAL, QC / LE STUDIO TD
2022/09/16 – TORONTO, ON / OPERA HOUSE
2022/09/18 – DETROIT, MI / EL CLUB
2022/09/23 – CALGARY, AB / DICKENS

“Nova” release day

After years of hard work, it is absolutely surreal to finally celebrate the release of “Nova” with all of you today. And what a ride is has been from start to finish… I knew this album would be a very challenging one to conceive, yet little did I know just how heavy it would be. This is an album where I truly left every single piece of my soul captured inside its songs and melodies, after having been thru some of the most challenging times in my life so far back in 2019/2020. I was so broken inside when I started making this record. “Nova” stands as a witness to that, and also shows the first steps of rebuilding myself, proving my self-worth to myself once again. It marks a death. It marks a rebirth. It marks the constant cycle of transitions this human life offers us while we are here and the difficulty to accept that nothing lasts forever. I’m really grateful to have had the chance to take all of these emotions, these experiences and turn them into something meaningful, something I am very, very proud of today.

I want to extend the biggest thanks to everyone involved with the creation of this record; Dorian, Benoît, Lambert, Patrick, Karl Daniel, Andy, Daria, Førtifem, Gillian, Helena, Linnea, Christoffer, Hogan, Follo FHS, Maks, Mvddrak, as well as everyone at Season of Mist (extra shoutout to Katy) and all my family and friends for the continued love and care.

To all of you out there: thank you so much for listening to my story, for all the love you have already shown this record and all the support you continue to show my music. I can’t express the level of gratitude I feel for each and every one of you. From today, “Nova” is yours. I want nothing more than for it to accompany you thru the ebbs and flows of life, just like it did for me. Much love to you all Xo



“Nova” out now

I’m so excited to finally share the title track of my new album “Nova” with you all. A piece that was incredibly challenging to record, something I did all on my own in parallel to the recording of the rest of the tracks in Drudenhaus Studio, this piece embodies every single emotion that went into creating this new album of mine, all without saying a single word. It’s hard to express what this song means to me and just how much it makes me feel every single time I listen to it. All I will say is that nothing felt more fitting than to open such an incredibly personal album with such a naked piece of music, made up of the most personal instrument I could’ve chosen: my voice. My soul laid barer than ever before; this is “Nova”. I hope it can make you feel

Find the official visualizer for the premiere here:

The song and album are available for pre-saving on all other digital platforms here:

The record is available for pre-orders here:

“Mono No Aware” out now

The time has finally come – meet “Mono No Aware”, the second track to be released from my upcoming 4th album “Nova”. The moment when you appreciate the beauty of our human existence and what lies within it being completely transient, yet feeling overcome by sadness for the exact same reason, that is “Mono No Aware”. Nothing in this life is eternal, no matter how sure or solid something seems, no matter how close to your heart things are or how hard you grasp onto them. Every Sylvaine record holds one song title that can’t be directly translated into English, and this time the melancholy and depth of the Japanese saying “mono no aware” seem to fit perfectly with the emotions that went into creating this record. Existing somewhere between nostalgia, a yearning for things lost and past times and a respect for the ephemeral nature of things, “Mono No Aware” basically deals with how hard it is to accept that the only constant in our existence is change. This is one of the heaviest tracks I made to date, both in terms of sound and emotion, truly hope it can make you feel. Head over to Metal Injection to experience the official track premiere:

“Nova” is available for pre-saving on all digital platforms here:

And for pre-orders here:

“Nowhere, Still Somewhere” out now

I have been waiting for this day for so long, to FINALLY share some new music with all of you. “Nowhere, Still Somewhere” is the first glimpse of my upcoming 4th album “Nova”, to be released on March 4th 2022. A highly personal song, from a highly personal album, “Nowhere, Still Somewhere” expresses the feeling of losing control, being unable to hold on to things or to move forward, despite how many efforts are made. It’s as vulnerable as it’s strong, and seemed like a natural introduction to an album full of opposites, that is saturated with emotions.

Video – Linnea Syversen,
Drone operator – Grayscale,
Dress – Hogan Mclaughlin,

The song and album are available for pre-saving on all other digital platforms here:

Pre-orders are now live here:

“Silent Chamber, Noisy Heart” streaming now

Listening to the request of all you kind, supportive fans out there, I just made my self-released debut album “Silent Chamber, Noisy Heart” available for streaming thru all major streaming platforms. Thank you for the continued support!

Stream it on spotify here

Sylvaine signs with Doomstar Bookings

I’m extremely excited to announce that we have joined forced with Doomstar Bookings for the booking of all future European and Russian shows! Any inquiries for these areas should be directed to:

We can’t wait to be back on stage again, in a way that is safe for everyone ❤

4th album out in 2022

You could definitely say that the creation of this 4th Sylvaine album has taken an unconventional path in many ways. After making ‘Atoms Aligned, Coming Undone’, I knew that creating the next record was going to take a lot out of me. Little did I know just how much, with 2020 bringing forth some of the most challenging times I have experienced so far in my life. It took me a while to gather everything and channel it into songs that would express all of these emotions I had been carrying around with me.

One thing was completely certain from the beginning of the process; Benoît Roux at Drudenhaus was going to be the person I brought the record to life with. It’s so important to work with people who just get what you are trying to communicate with your art, even without having to say a single word. That for me is Benoît. Not to mention the human side, which is fantastic, something that becomes extremely important when spending just over 2 months together straight!

The recording process got heavily prolonged compared to what we initially had planned, due to everything around; travel restrictions, everyone contracting Covid 19 during the session, personal circumstances etc. If it wasn’t one obstacle making things complicated, there was another one just around the corner, waiting for us, haha…. But that didn’t faze me to be honest. I was just so grateful to finally be back in the studio, doing what I love the most, and the musical side of things were going very smooth. It was an incredibly intense time, even more so being completely on my own for most of it. My drummer, Dorian Mansiaux, was with me recording his parts for the first week of the session though, bringing a new dimension to the record with his drumming talents ❤️ 2 guests also joined us on the album, which I’ll reveal later. Can’t tell you how excited I am to share this one with everyone early next year – I put every piece of my soul into it

“I’m Still Here” out now

This is not my usual type of Sylvaine release. Then again; nothing about this year has been usual. My new single, “I’m Still Here” showcases the simple, raw, spontaneous and vulnerable from within, loaded with nostalgia and emotions. This one took a lot out of me, even being just one, little song, but I’m so happy to finally share it with you guys today. Truly hope it cane make some of you out there feel.

Find the video for “I’m Still Here” bellow:

Available for purchase at my Bandcamp: