Kathrine Shepard, the visionary artist behind the evocative musical project SYLVAINE, weaves an intricate tapestry of emotions through the language of music. A transcendental bridge between worlds, a mesmerizing duality that encapsulates the beautiful and the harsh, light and darkness, serenity and chaos, and the delicate balance between the external world and the inner sanctum of the soul. It is a symphony that harmonizes the human experience with its spiritual origins – a resonance of something beyond the tangible.

Sylvaine’s compositions are a visceral journey through the vast spectrum of emotions that the complexities of the human experience have to offer. They encapsulate the inherent struggle of being an entity in this world, yet not entirely of it. Kathrine’s music serves as a conduit for her innermost feelings, a cathartic expression of the eternal longing that resides within the very core of her melodies.

Akin to a fairytale spun from the threads of Norwegian folklore, a narrative that resonates with the spirits of ancient woods and the whispers of long forgotten creatures. With every ethereal note and haunting melody, she conjures images of untamed forests, of misty clearings inhabited by ethereal beings. In this artistry, there is an undeniable sense of transcendence, where listeners are transported beyond the confines of the ordinary into a reality beyond this time and space. A profound sense of wonder and allure creates a unique musical alchemy – with a touch of enchantment that lingers long after the music has ceased.

With four albums and one split-EP released to date, Sylvaine’s ethereal soundscapes have been taken to stages across Europe, North America and South America, leaving audiences mesmerized by the transcendent power of the band’s live performances. Two of these albums have been nominated for the Norwegian Grammy Awards Spellemannprisen in the category of metal. The ability to transport listeners to otherworldly realm through her music is a manifestation of the artistry & profound impact the band can bring.

As Sylvaine prepares to unveil her upcoming EP, Eg Er Framand, she embarks on a deeply introspective and serene journey through the rich tapestry of Norwegian heritage and tradition. Folk tales of old are brought to life in this new chapter of her musical odyssey, offering a glimpse into the depths of her creative spirit and an exploration of the roots that anchor her artistry. A reflection of myths is embraced through exquisite sonic realms. “Eg Er Framand” is set for release on March 22nd. Line-upSylvaine – vocals, guitar, bass, synthesizers, piano, drums, arrangements

Live line-up
Sylvaine – vocals & guitar
Dorian Mansiaux – drums
Maxime Mouquet – bass & vocals
Florian Ehrenberg – guitar & vocals