“Wistful” in the Press

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“Wistful” in the Press

Here are some of the reviews/interviews/features that “Wistful” was a part of after it’s release.

“Best of 2016”:
Metal Injection (US) 
Silence Magazin (DE)
Metal Kaoz (US)
Scholomance Webzine (FR)
Dead Rhetoric (US)
Angry Metal Guy (US)
Headbangers Latinoamerica
Orbis Metallum (CZE)
Ave Noctum (UK)
One Metal 
Infernal Masquerade (US)
Rozsdagyar (HU)
Nine Circles (US)
Dissecting The Euphony (FR)
Against The Fragmentaire (GR)
Loud Stuff (UK)
Headbanger Latinoamerica 
Metal Injection (US)
MetalSucks (US)
Dead Rhetoric (US)
Sorrow Eternal (US)

Other features:
Screenagers (PL) – Seven songs from 2016 that definitely deserves attention
Friedhof Magazine (ES) – Editor’s choice September 2016
Invisible Oranges (US) – On Being A Musician In Oslo vs. Paris
Invisible Oranges (US) – Album premier with break-down of each song
Tomatrax (AU) – Top 10 favorite songs at the moment
Arctic Drones – The Loudest Roar:Experimental Metal With Female Vocals

Online reviews:
Metal Injection (US)
Tomatrax (AU)
Two Guys Metal Review
Meat Mead Metal (US)
Metal and Oddities (FR)
Rocking (GR)
Nine Circles (US)
Metal Machine (US)
Grim Pacific North (US)
Broken Amp
Metal Inside (DE)
Offerings webzine
Stranger Aeons
Wallabirzine (FR)
Metal Kaoz (US) – 10/10
Mystic webzine (CZE) – 9,5/10
Femme Metal Webzine – 91/100
Metal1 (DE) – 9/10
Dead Rhetoric (US) – 9/10
Metal Temple (GR) – 9/10
The Dreaming Metal Muse (US) – 9/10
Infernal Masquerade (US) – 90/100
Felvid̩ki Rockmagazin (HU) Р9/10
BDP Metal – 90/100 
Metal Impact (FR) – 4,5/5
All the Time I Was Listening To My Own Wall Of Sound – 8,5/10
Sputnik Music (US) – 4/5
Angry Metal Guy (US) – 4/5
Heavy Blog Is Heavy (US)- 4/5
Music Waves (FR) – 4/5
Metalfan (NL) – 82/100
Dies Irae (JP) – 82/100
Lords Of Metal (NL) – 81/100
Silence Magazin (DE) – 8/10
Ave Noctum (UK ) – 8/10
Queens Of Steel (ES) – 8/10
Metal Bite – 8/10
Power Metal (DE) 7,5/10
Metal Zone (GR) – 75/100
Schwermetall (DE) – 10/13
The Intermission (RO) – 7/10
Les Fleurs De Mal webzine (IT) – 7/10
Foto Conciertos (ES) – 70/100
Metalhead (IT) – 7/10
Markus’ Heavy Music Blog (DE) – 7/10
Metal Head (IT) – 7/10
Thrashocore (FR) – 7/10
Team Rock/Metal Hammer (UK) – 3,5/5
Metal Hammer (DE) – 4/7
About Entertainment -3,5/5
Neoprog (FR) – 3,5/5
La Grosse Radio (FR) – 6,5/10
Metal Norge (NO) – 6,5/10
French Metal (FR) – 13,5/20
Gaffa (SE) – 3/6

Online interviews:
Loudwire (US)
Team Rock/Metal Hammer UK (UK)
Metal1 (DE)
Groundcast (BR)
Sick And Destroy (US/PL)
Nine Circles (US)
Tomatrax (AU)
Dead Rhetoric (US)
Silence Magazin (DE)
Brutalitopia (US)
The Dreaming Metal Muse (US)
Femme Metal Webzine

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