Mørklagt vocal play-through

I’m really excited to finally share this little “Mørklagt” sing-thru/screaming tutorial with you guys today! This video has been a long time coming, as I’m often getting questions on how I do my screaming voice. I finally took the time to show you a technique of how to replicate the sound I personally am creating while screaming. There are many, many other techniques out there of course, but I hope this insight can be useful nonetheless. Screaming is a highly emotional and cathartic way to express vocals, something I personally love about it, but it can also lead to great damage if practiced in the wrong way over time. Hopefully this video can give you a few tips on how to practice this expression in a safe manner, while still keeping that emotional edge. Thank you so much for checking out this different video of mine, hope you guys found it useful ❤ Take good care!