Screaming vocal workshop

One week has passed since I held my first 2 hour screaming vocal workshop thru Zoom, taking on everything related to the screaming voice, ranging from basic singing technique, to anatomy, to different screaming expressions, vocal warm-ups and how to create distortion with the voice. Having gotten a lot of interest for this workshop, I decided to make it available for purchase for all of you who might still be curious about this subject, but couldn’t attend last Friday. The video file contains my full lecture + exercises I went thru during the workshop. All the students participation parts and questions that were asked have been removed for privacy purposes.

I also hope to hold another screaming vocal workshop in the not too far off future! More info on that to come.

To purchase the video file of the workshop, send me en e-mail to:
I’ll send you an invoice for 12 euros and a download link to the file.
Hope to work with more of you out there in the future!