Second premiere from third album, “Mørklagt”, out now!

“Mørklagt” is one of my favorite tracks of the new record, which makes it so exciting to share this with you today! It was the last one written for “Atoms Aligned, Coming Undone”, and holds a strong Nordic inspiration. I decided to use Norwegian lyrics for the full track as well to underline this aspect, to create a different timber for the vocals. The track also features some pretty intense drums from Neige of Alcest. Hope you guys will like it! 

Metal Hammer (UK) –

Brooklyn Vegan (US) –

Overdrive (AU)-

Spark (CZ) –

Power of Metal (DK) –

Inferno (FI) –

La Grosse Radio (FR) –

Langolo Gitarok (HU) –

Metal Wani (IN) –

Rock Hard (IT) –

Never Mind The Hype (NL) –

Eternal Terror (NO) –

Kvlt (PL) –

Loud (PT) –

Metalfan (RO) –

Demon Reports (RS) –

Antichrist Mag (UA) –

Friedhof Magazine (ES) –

Rock Hard (GR) –