• Release date: 2016-05-13
  • Label: Season of Mist
  • Catalog #: 385D


  1. Delusions

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    A state of mind, without pain
    In this world of luminous dreams
    Unaware of what the future brings
    This world; the most serene thing

    Visions bear impending salvation
    Creating faith that will deceive
    Reality, crueler than
    Ever imagined
    Our inner light to be bereaved

    Innocence tainted
    When touched by reality
    Pure souls corrupted
    A result of mortality

  2. Earthbound

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    Among the soul’s deep sorrowing
    The soul mounts on wounded wings
    To rise towards the light again
    With hope of freedom from constraint

    Blant sjelens dype sorger
    Løftes den på sårede vinger
    For å stige opp mot lyset igjen
    For å dra hjem

    To escape these deep sufferings
    The soul mounts on wounded wings
    Then, swiftly, falls back to the ground
    No light to be found

    To escape these deep sufferings
    The soul mounts on wounded wings
    Then, swiftly, falls back to the ground
    Within this body, earthly bound

  3. A Ghost Trapped In Limbo

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    Frailty on to the surface
    Rising as my wish came true
    The trial overshadowed
    By the thought of having you
    Yet alone in the dark, in the night
    The ache within my soul uproars
    Leaving me heavier than ever
    Caught inside somber world

    Will the ache ever ease up
    Is my soul beyond redemption
    Left to walk the dark forlorn
    From here to eternity
    Sometimes I feel so alone
    Like no one can see or feel
    As a ghost trapped in limbo
    The only one haunted is me

  4. Saudade

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    Amid dusk and dawn
    The veil is lucid
    Memories of the past unfold
    Waiting, bring me home

    Swaying with the embrace
    Of the wind untamed
    Purifies my soul, waiting
    To be brought back home

  5. In The Wake Of Moments Passed By

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    The continuing quest to escape
    The drudgery of everyday life
    Frustration roars, building up inside
    Leaving me in the wake of days passing by

    Screams audible through out the nights
    Moon turns into sun, and back all over again
    Solicitude uprising, the apprehension inside
    Leaving me in the wake of moments passed by

    Missed opportunity
    Time gone to waste
    The point of no return
    Relentlessly misplaced
    False promises of redemption
    Once more unsaved
    Restrained, letting go of reason
    Spiritually enslaved

  6. Like A Moth To A Flame

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    To admit and let go
    No longer in control

    Erasing the faults
    Remaining from the past
    No reason to debate
    The instance has passed

    Know not why this pain
    Has been dealt me over again
    Like a moth to a flame
    I surrender all the same
    All the same

  7. Wistful

Album Description

This is the second album of Sylvaine, released on the 13th of May 2016 thru Season of Mist.

“…Sylvaine is an incredibly mature and ridiculously talented new artist who has the opportunity to take this scene by storm. Her music is utterly beautiful, playing on old paradigms but exploiting them in ways that will carry you off to a land that you once thought make-believe…” – Metal Injection (US)

“…“Wistful” sounds like it contains a reflection of Sylvaine’s personality within it however it’s an album where, if you care to take a deeper glance, you can see parts of yourself inside too…” – Sputnik Music (US)

“…I am so impressed with this album; it cannot be viewed as anything other than a success…” – All The Time I Was Listening To My Own Wall Of Sound

“…Wistful is an absolutely monumental travail. The sense of forward motion Sylvaine’s music has in conjunction with the power of the compositions is going to keep even the most pretentious music nerd wrapped up in the sound. She’s one of those artists who has an understanding of music that seems to be almost spiritual…” – Two Guys Metal Reviews

“…Delicate and haunting, powerful and dramatic, ‘Wistful’ is brilliantly performed, with gorgeous vocals that thankfully never dip into “Nightwish territory”. Sylvaine has produced an album of depth, integrity and beauty, and it’s highly recommended.” – Ave Noctum

“I have been quite spoilt this month, with an array of excellent albums – and here we have perhaps the best of the lot. Sylvaine’s “Wistful” album is perfectly named, with its melancholic, reflective guitar lines and haunting, bitter sweet vocal melodies. This is the musical accompaniment to your times of deep thought, a gentle soundtrack to revisiting your mistakes, recalling your losses and wondering what could have been. “Wistful” is soft and beautiful, but no less powerful for that; it’s just a quieter power…the power of deep emotions that rise up inside and swallow you whole…”- Powerplay Magazine (UK)

“…Sylvaine now has two worthy entries into the metal world that might bring a hushed tone to the chaos but still feel powerful as hell. Her might and passion are undeniable on “Wistful,” which helps her register heaviness in a totally different manner.” – Meat Mead Metal (US)

“…With “Wistful”, Sylvaine has created a very special piece of sound art, whose compositional strength, the multi-faceted world of sound and the migration of feelings elapse continuously. for the times you want to enjoy Sunday night without any thought of Monday.” – Schwermetall (DE)

“…This is what beauty sounds like!” – Tomatrax (AU)

“…Her command of atmospherics and tension cut through the mundane, and by the halfway point, when her voice and her musicianship gives way to a single flanged, reverberated guitar tone, the most simple-yet-effective of melodies hits right in the heart. When she begins wailing over that, it’s an emotional waterfall that doesn’t stop until the song quietly slumbers…” – Angry Metal Guy (US)

“…However, it is exactly by blending the two styles, instead of creating a back and forth, that the power of this album lies. Too often in releases like these, black metal and shoegaze are regulated to their own disparate parts of the album, meeting only in transitions and bridges. Here, as we saw with the co-existence of the harsh and clean vocals, they live side by side and feed each other constantly…” – Heavy Blog Is Heavy (US)

“…Sylvaine’s music is excellent and her songwriting skillful. On the appropriately titled Wistful, she wears her heart on her sleeve with a record whose atmosphere adds a bittersweet element around stunning vocals and sombre movements…” – Team Rock (UK)

“…This second album by SYLVAINE may arise as the transcript of a personal artistic vibration, as well as the painting of a country with huge forests and fjords lost in the mist. It is a sound painting, like its sublime cover. It is a woman, a world, nature, music, dream and reality…” – Metal Oddities (FR)

“…Closing with the emotive “Wistful”, Sylvaine has managed to focus her influences and crafted a sound that is more consistent than in her debut release. Filled with brilliant shoegazy atmospheric moments, this album is certainly going to catch the attention of all Blackgaze fans that have a knack for female vocals…” – Infernal Masquerade (US)

“…Ripe for the suckers for atmosphere-draped-in-melody (whatever the context), Sylvaine emerges as one of the best new entrants in recent memory. Wistful, as compartmentalized as it is, is wonderfully executed, awash in sunny or cloudy-day strolls, complemented by the soothing touch of Sylvaine’s spacious vocal hues. In earnest, it may not get any better than this given the context, times, and personnel involved. Wistful is simply a (good) dream…” – Dead Rhetoric (US)