“Apples Aligned, Coming Undone” Sylvaine signature tea blend

I’m so excited to finally announce my collaboration with the great tea company BrutaliTeas, bringing forth the first official Sylvaine signature tea; «Apples Aligned, Coming Undone»! This ceylon black tea and gunpowder green tea blend with apple pieces, cinnamon, natural candy apple and crème brulée flavors, rose hips, rose petals and marigold flowers, can be enjoyed as a simple cup of comforting tea or as a liquid desert at the end of a long autumn day. Autumn is probably my favorite season, with all its beautiful color changes and all the yummy produce that appears around this time of year, so when the opportunity to make a signature tea blend came up, I knew straight away that I’d like to tap into a warm, autumnal flavour for the tea. Apples being one of the trademark fruits of fall and also a wonderful partner for all of the warmer spices such as cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, ginger etc, it became the natural base flavour for my blend. In combination with notes of vanilla, caramel and cream, the tea alludes to the classic French dessert crème brûlée. “Apples Aligned, Coming Undone” is available for ordering thru BrutaliTeas’ webshop and will also be on our merch table on our upcoming European tour. Hope all of you fellow tea lovers out there will enjoy this blend as much as I do ❤ Find the link to “Apples Aligned, Coming Undone” here:


More info on the tea and the collaboration can be found here: