Atoms Aligned, Coming Undone


Atoms Aligned, Coming Undone

  • Release date: 2018-11-02
  • Label: Season of Mist
  • Catalog #: 489D


  1. Atoms Aligned, Coming Undone

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    In conviction
    We stand as one
    Yet, a fragmented existence
    Became our norm

    Atoms aligned
    Coming undone
    As specs of dust
    Carried away
    At dawn

  2. Mørklagt

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    Foruten håp
    Er livet hardt
    Foruten lyset
    Tar mørket over

    Jeg kan verken
    Føle eller puste
    Nå som byrden
    Har blitt for stor

    Et savn for en annen tid
    Et savn for et annet sted
    Den dypeste lengsel
    Overlatt til alt
    Til å stå alene
    Den dypeste lengsel
    En sorg for tung å bære
    En verden uten lys
    Oppslukt av dysterhet

    Mens man står på utsiden
    Og forgjeves prøver å forstå
    Et savn for en annen tid
    Et savn for et annet sted

  3. Abeyance

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    What once was
    Will be again
    Closed eyes witnessing
    A truth so worrying
    No words can cure

    Here, but not present
    Never meant to stay
    Closed eyes witnessing
    A truth so worrying
    No words can cure

    A remnant of beyond
    Forever drifting further
    The vast journey away
    From the dearest beheld
    Watching from a distance
    The looming unknown
    Closed eyes witnessing
    A truth so vile
    Take me away
    Let me escape from abeyance
    From abeyance

  4. Worlds Collide

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    From behind
    This veil of tears
    Reaching out
    Just to be declined
    As seasons pass
    Time leaves me behind

    As worlds collide
    Fragile as
    You and I
    A struggle, a fight
    To find sense
    Out of control
    We stumble on

  5. Severance

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    It seems as though
    All is behind glass
    Afraid to move
    In case it breaks
    Moving further away from harmony
    The modern chaos rules
    A deception of security
    Crafted by false bonds
    A crushing despond
    Our haven destroyed by reality

    On the edge
    Crossed the line
    Fissure, we’ve split
    A world long lost


  6. L'appel Du Vide

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    Too hard
    This life
    Too cruel
    Tainting of the soul
    L’appel du vide
    La peine, la peur

    Outer concerns tangle
    With the turmoil within
    Yearning to be without
    Earthly pain

Album Description

This is the third album of Sylvaine, released the 2nd of November 2018 thru Season of Mist.

“…Atmosphere and emotion that span the breadth of human experience underpinning fresh, exciting, enthralling music… A breathtaking listening experience.” – Powerplay Magazine (UK)

“…I get the impression though that we are nowhere near the peak of this artists ability. While they have done something truly excellent here, I think that Sylvaine is on pace to be creating something almost revolutionary in the next few years. These tracks build on the legacy of the first generation of blackgaze bands but are executed with a vision that sets her far apart from her contemporaries. The quality of the songs here is simply on another level and leaves me begging for more. This is the future of post black metal and it is triumphant.” Two Guys Metal Reviews

“… The restraint shown throughout the record is exquisite and marks out Sylvaine as an artist to watch.” Metal Hammer (UK)

“… Atoms Aligned, Coming Undone is the definite statement of Sylvaine’s musical talent. The album is a step up in brooding darkness and atmosphere compared to the previous ones. I daresay a turn for the better. Compositionally speaking, I have rarely seen an album this well made, while refraining from becoming constructed and sterile. If not already clear, this release will most probably score high in the metal album tops of 2018.”Metal Exposure 

“… Stunning album. Very important to these times”Legacy Magazine (DE) 

“… A sublime record, a third test that proves that this girl has so much passion, heart and ability; not only technical/instrumental skills, but above all, to emotionally involve the listener. We are deeply touched. Excellent!”Giornale Metal (IT)